Sleep with an ex, bad or good?

Yesterday I ended up sleeping with my ex.

I hadn't seen him in 2 years even though we were texting off and on.

The best part of it was after it was all over I didn't have any feelings for him. I felt like it was a good closure to our relationship.

Has anyone else ever wished they could sleep with their ex just one more time?

Btw, don't think I'm a bitch cause I had no feelings. We broke up in the beginning because he cheated on me.


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  • Lol I like your method of thinking. "I felt like it was a good closure to our relationship." I vote Good.

  • well it's good that you don't feel anything, but now stop talking to him. you may think you're ahead now but if you keep it up I guarantee he'll get you twisted somehow. honestly, you also sacrificed your dignity by sleeping with a guy who cheated on you. if anything, he probably is thinking "wow this girl is easy, I cheated on her, and she still f***ed me. what a doormat". don't be so smug, just walk away before you lose all your dignity.


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