He keeps going back and forth, is he interested in me at all anymore?

I met this guy off of a dating website, we talked for about two weeks until we met in person. We really seemed to like talking to one another and he told me he was deleting his profile on the dating site, partly because he met me, and because he wasn't seeing anything else good on there. Well, I saw him a second time, and some things happened and... we were very close to sleeping together but technically didn't. He seemed to talk less and less as the days went by after that... I asked him what he thought about everything and he told me he liked me, that there was potential for something more, and that we were "talking." He also said we were in the "feeling things out" stage, still. The two times I saw him he lived with his parents still at that time (he's 22), now he's moved an hour away from me in an apartment since he just decided he is going to college (in March). This is all over the course of about a month.

Two days go by without any talking between us. The third day, at around 9 at night, he asked me out of the blue if I hated him. I said no I don't hate you, I just thought you were done with me since you didn't say anything to me. Then he said well you didn't say anything to me either, so I thought you hated me or something. I said no, but I felt weird after we got physical so fast and I thought I gave him the wrong impression of me and that he was only planning on turning me into a booty call. He said that was not true and totally dumb, that he thought I was still awesome and that he wanted to know when I would see him again. I said I didn't know, but I'd like to soon. He also said I should say something to him even if he doesn't say anything first... so the following two days after that, I have texted him first and guess what! He barely talks for more than 15 minutes before dropping the conversation off... why would he act like he wants me to talk more and then not respond half the time when I talk to him?! I am so confused!


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  • I've been in a similar situation. This guy just wants to have fun. If your not giving it up then he's going to look for someone who will. That's why he's hot and cold with you. If he really was into you, he would take you out on dates, wanna talk to you every chance he gets, and treat you good.


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