Contacting an "ex friend" after a bad falling out?

I lost a really good friend in a very painful manner several months ago. He was 100% in the wrong and treated me pretty bad in the end. (Never officially dated, but did the things that couples do.) We didn't talk for over three months, although towards the end he tried to contact me a few times. But he had hurt me so badly that I just wasn't ready to talk. Then he apologized. Eventually I accepted the apology and forgave him; however I told him that I still need time. The reason that I need time is because I still have feelings for him, although I did not tell him this. "More than friends" type feelings. He agreed that we would talk in the future. I’m very conflicted because my heart wants to salvage the friendship but my head says to walk away. I miss my friend very much, but I'm afraid to get hurt like that again. My question is: do I initiate contact when I'm ready, or do I wait for him?


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  • what do you mean by wait for him?..well if you wana tlk to him tlk to him and just keep a little bit of distance is my best advice so you won't get hurt so much..but if you dnt think your emotionally ready just give it a little bit more time..its all up tou and what you feel is right..and dnt b afraid to tlk to him about how you feel...haha I did this before but I actually threatened the guy if he ever pullled off his bs habits I wuld have him out of my life in an insant and he excepted that and has been so nice to me ever since lol :)


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