What do I do to prove to my ex boyfriend that my intentions were good?

i had been in relationship for few months then we broke and after 1 and 1/2 year we got back,because he understood me and trusted me more than any one I suppose,when we recently broke he got back with his EX ,one who deceived and manipulated him.he himself told that he was lost when he was with her,and told me to what extent she manipulated him.later, few days before we broke he started praising her.after we broke we remained friends for few days,he asked me to sleep with him,i scolded him,later when I looked back and rewinded previous things I understood that it is she with whom he got back,i was really scared for him,because it was a trap she did.even his family was against of this ,i thought I shouldn't get into all this.but I checked our previous messages,where I got to realize I hurt him when he was expecting support from me.so ,i felt guilty and also I felt strong gut feel that something wrong may happen to him.so I was badly scared for him,so I messaged his brother hiding my identity,that he is back with this gal,but still he got to knew that it was me.he asked me,first I denied but later I accepted,now he is mad at me,he deleted me from all socializing sites.he is not answering my calls.he is very badly mad at me.what do I do to make him understand my good intentions and forgive me.i did to save him from trouble.i never ever had bad intentions for him till date.but he is taking me wrongly.i thought I should protect my near and dear,but I got to offend him badly,i was aware of this circumstance,but I did purely do for his good.what do I do to prove my self.i did mail him message him saying truth ,I even apologized,still he is mad at me.should do anything ,if so what should I do,if not should not try contacting him(I mean should I give him space).please help.


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  • You followed your instincts, nothing wrong with that. It sucks that this guy can't understand that but in time he might. You will never know what you avoided unless you don't. Meaning that you will never know of something bad that could have happened to you if it does not happen. You could have saved him a great deal of grief, at the same time maybe you didn't. The only way you would have known is if you hadn't said anything and she screwed him over. Then you would have felt bad for NOT doing anything. This is what parents go through everyday. If you have to be the bad guy to keep the ones you love safe then so be it. I'd rather someone I loved hated me and was safe then loved me and in trouble. Can you live with that? I know I could.

    • thank you for your effort to answer this.but he is not answering my calls and completely cutted all contacts with me.how do I make him to get back to me.?do I make any of my friends to talk to him about that.?or should give him time and space?

    • If there is no way you can get ahold of him, you are probably just going to have to wait for him to cool down a bit. Could take awhile. I can't think of anything else you could really do because your attempts may just p*ss him off even more. Just leave it alone for a bit and see if he chills out some. Sorry but in your case, this is the best I got.

    • hey,...thx,..but current update is.:he is still mad at me.and talking rubbish about me to my best friends who are our mutual friends,he is trying to spoil our friendship not just that,he is even talking about the things which were our personal things and were just between me and him.how do I prove myself to him.how do I make him realize what he is doing is wrong.some or the other way he is trying to take revenge.i didn't talk to him since a month o so.all I understand is he wants to hurt me,

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  • You did the right thing if it is as bad as you describe it was. Whether he is mad at you or not it was a good thing that you did. He will learn that soon. Do not give up on messaging him with Text messages. Despite what he says, he does read what you send before he deletes it, it is human nature to be curious about what others think.

    Just try and be supportive and unfortunately it will take time before he realizes that. Give him some space but don't drop all contact just yet. Stay connected but don't mention the incident where you can.

    The last thing he wants to hear right now is how you did what is right for him. He doesn't want to hear how bad this girl was for him. He doesn't want to hear anything that sounds like you are trying to say you did what is best for him. He wants to be left alone right now, but you can't leave him entirely alone.

    Just say Hi each day, start out simple. Work your way from there. If he talks to you then just have idle chat. If he brings up the topic. Just let him vent and don't try to convince him that you did something for him to help him. You can tell him all you did for him, after he's gotten over it abit and abit more willing to listen.

    Hope this helps. Please rate up if it does, and I hope everything goes better for you and him. He sounds like someone most guys can relate to.

    • thank you for your support and help.but he is disconnecting my calls,neither answering mails nor answering sms's.should still keep mailing him daily or do I give him time and space.will he ever understand me and forgive me?please reply.

    • Like I said, just because he is not answering your sms, doesn't mean he is not reading them.

      Messaging daily is abit too much though, I would suggest maybe every three days or so send a general hello message. Keep it all very simple and if you happen to run into him, just say Hi.

      He is upset and you'll have to deal with that for a little bit. I know it feels like forever but if you look at the time... You only posted this SEVEN hours ago. Don't swarm him with messages and such. Take it easy :)

    • hey thku,so sweet and kind of you.but you know what he is still with her.she use to bitch about me to him,she might be doing same even now.i am pretty sure,because he never did this kinda of a thing not answering calls or messeges.i am sure she will be manipulating him to core.

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  • did u?


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