Please help get my ex back, even though it's a lost cause.

I know I will most likely get answers like he has moved on or he is playing with you, but I was wondering a few things. My ex broke up with me about half a year ago. Unfortunately, I am still in love with him and I want him back. He has done his fair share of bad things, but then again most likely so have I. In the beginning we didn't contact each other for about 2 months and he wanted me back when he saw me, only changing his mind a week later. In the past few months he has told me he still loves me and other people tell me as well. He has also contacted me a few times. It's like every time I run from him he comes back. What can I do to not have him move on and come back to me after all this time? I feel like I have done everything I can to move on, but still feel like he is the one for me. We also happen to go to the same college and share mutual friends. So is it too late to do no contact, take him off of fb or at least limit him, etc. And what do I do when I see him? Because I have done the polite-thing, the ignoring, the bitchy-thing and now again just being polite again. What do I do?


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  • I am in the same boat girl, I feel like I will never move on..just try suggesting that you be good friends and when you get close again start to flirt again..or be sure to mention that a relationship you are in has ended..if he is interested he should take the bate..good luck for you he most likely still cares which helps.

  • i guess... there really is not much you can do. next time he tells you he wants you back and he loves you, you just have to tell him how you feel about this whole situation. if he is just playing with you or he freaks out, or doesn't understand, then he's not worth you're time. I think with this situation, you either make it or break it. you either have to take the risk, or leave it alone and try even harder to forget and move on.


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