I want this girl back in my life?

I met a girl she told me she likes me , I didn't say anything back didn't get her number . Added her on face book she declined and blocked me . Simone help (don't say move on)


She hasn't got twitte,r so I can't talk to her oh well.

I have to Facebook accounts ,I can see her on one of my profiles, if that makes sense. it DOES say add as a friend , but I'm not going to incase she blocks me.


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  • She seems abit hurt to be honest, a way a girl would probably forgive a guy who hurt her without responsing similarly to her feelings would to finally show her you feel the same. This doesn't mean through cyber. Find her close friends, not in the stalky pervy kind of way, tell them the situation ask for their help and get them to set up a date for you two, if hopeful, and try explaining yourself to her. It may work, it may not but lifes short don't regret not doing anything in the first place and good luck :)


    • How am I supposed to find out her close friends?

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    • She goes to/went to university so, I will try and find somone who went to university with her

    • A've made another Facebook account, and I can see her profile when some of it,.

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