Should I break up with her?

Ok so I've been dating my girlfriend for about 22 months. She is a very insecure girl, and she is easily stressed out. She is usually very random when it comes to her emotions. It is very depressing when she is acting this way, but when she is happy, I forget all the other things and feel happy as well.. I don't know if I can take it anymore, it's not enough that we are happy only sometimes. And breaking up with her won't help with her low self esteem, I feel terrible. Recently she told me that for the past few months she has mostly faked enjoying doing anything sexual with me. It isn't that I'm not attractive to her, she feels afraid for no reason when we do anything. I don't know what to do :(


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  • If anyone is insecure you need to leave each other alone. Building a relationship on insecurities is very unhealthy for both people. Been there. Even though your heart breaks for her, I think it would be best that she find professional help if she has that low self esteem. Good, healthy relationships are made when both participants are stable and strong. You love yourself and hence are able love back. When someone doesn't love who they are or has any kind of doubt, there is nothing you can do to help. Strength doesn't come from depending on someone else. Staying with her will create codependency on her part. "Should I break up with her?" Yes, but not in a mean way. Do you love her? Do it because you want to see her get better.

    • If you have to even ask "Should I break up with her?" then let her go and get the help she needs.

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  • Sounds like you just need to push her. Show her you care in everyway you can. Say how much you care for her all the time. Tell her you won't have sex with her again till she wants it. Tell her how you don't feel good when she's down. And take her out places like parks, clubs, restaurants, go play sports with her. Work her out. Being active a lot brings peoples spirits up. Don't bale when she needs someone.

    • fireman is right on track. what are some of your negative sides, maybe it has to do with that.

  • It looks like lack of trust. How are you treating her? How has your relationship been?

    If you don't love her enough break up.

    • I always care for her, and compliment her looks and personality as much as I can. The response is usually denial, like "no, I'm not that pretty".

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