What should I do for him to give me another chance

My boyfriend broke up with me and shortly after I called to talk to him and he said he will call me later. Then I was driving and saw him pass me by so I decided to go talk to him

When he stopped at his brothers. I begged for a second chance and he said no and told me to leave. Now I am stuck with nothing and confused. What can I do to have him maybe reconsider and give me another chance? Any ideas?


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  • the first thing you need to is act like you don't care... don't call him go see him or even text him even if it kills you.

    (this happen to me my boyfriend broke up with me and I begged and begged once I gave up on him I stop trying to talk to him a few days later he told me he missed me and wanted me back.)

    give him his own time to think of everything himself. if you keep on begging him that's going to annoy him and make him stubborn he's going to keep rejecting you. just give him his space. if he misses you he will eventually reach out to you.

    once he does if he does don't jump to it make it seem like you better off with out him that way he appreiciates you if seem to needy he's going to take you forgranted.

    • Thanks for the advice! I will try it!

    • let me know who it goes!(:

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  • GIVE UP ON HIM : place it into your mind that you don't need him!

    Absoultely agree with the brake up. Go through all the greiving process... ALL

    then start calling you friends and family more than ever before. GET A NEW DOO something sexy... find an old hobbie you been putting off, and or something entirely differnt ( something that he didn't know you could do).

    get out and be with friends... You must absolutely GET OUT of YOURSELF ... take down the pics and cards put them away it hurts too much to look at them anyway.. besides he can't see you kissing his framed pic anyway...lol

    For me I turned to my HP and started to rely on the creator rather than the issue...

    LIVE and SHINE ON : he will see this change and kick himself then he may be begging you next... then that's when you decide if someone who gave up on you and treated you like that and made fun of you to his brother ( you know he DID ) is worth it ? !

    And the end result no matter what the circumstantaces is : Is YOU are ready to share your life with someone that deserves your love, the longer you wait the longer you wait ! Godbless

    • Thanks for the advice. It's hard to just give up and move on, but at this point I have no other choice. I guess il give things a shot and see where I can go from


  • Show him that you changed for better - personality, charm, attitude. It would give him an idea of possible future relationship that might affect the rest of his life. Good Luck!

    • Thanks, il try to change things up and see where it takes me.

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