Do you think he wants to be with me?

i have been talking to this guy for about 2 months now, and we have hung out only about 3 times,we get along great when we hang out we make each other laugh and have so much fun together, he's always cuddling with me and kisses me a lot, he tells me that he likes me but doesn't wanna go any further than kissing cause in his works, he will "feel like a jerk and like I was using you if it doesn't work out" now to me it made me feel like he's already expecting this to not work out and he's not giving it a fair enough chance, were not technically dating but I would def like to date him, what do you guys think is going on in his head any ideas?


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  • if you don't know after first base where things are, then you can try second base and see what happens...maybe you should have a heart-to-heart before going any further


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