Guys, why would you still contact your ex after 2 years?

What keeps a guy contacting his ex? Even after they've been broken up for such a long period of time & he's had a new girlfriend for 8 months.


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  • Probably because he misses her... I've been in that situation before as both the ex and the girlfriend. As the girlfriend, it ended up him having sex with his ex...And being the ex, it just ended with my ex boyfriend confessing he had deep feelings for me and that I should basically break up my relationship to be with him. After he said that, I had no more contact with him.


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  • Maybe he's had some sort of a deep connection with that ex, or maybe the guy fell in love with that girl and can’t get over her…Even though he’s trying to move on…by dating other people, he still might be in love with his previous ex- girlfriend.


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  • ... omgosh! the same thing happened to me. he apologized for everything he did. I was so surprised. I never expected it.


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