Is it acceptable to cheat from a long distance relationship?

My girl has been away for roughly half a year now and we'll likely see each other again at the end of this year. So basically, I have another year to tough it out.

She says: I know will be apart for a while cause I need to finish my degree. I understand the situation were in so you can see other girls during this time if you want but just never get serious with them and also you must end things with them once I'm back.

I know she loves me a lot and were serious about each other. We'll probably get married down the road but I'm starting to get cold feet. I'm not sure if she'll ever come back cause her family might move and live with her.

She calls and texts me everyday talking about her daily life and how she's holding up.

I haven't thought about cheating or paying attention to other girls but an opportunity has risen as a hotter and younger girl has crossed paths with me. This just so happened to fall right under my feet. The opportunities to advance are very favourable.

My main concern is whether she will ever come back since her family might move to where she is now. She might be unable to control that factor.

Secondly, I'm starting to get bored...

F W B . . .


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  • Long distance relationships sucks and yours is pretty bad! It's easy to get bored with someone when they're away so long, so try and think about the good times that you two were together and try to keep things positive and don't focus on the "not coming back" part. I do however think you need to go and weight out all the con's and pro's about being with her. Do you LOVE her? Is she really really someone that's worth putting yourself through this for? If not, then there's no valid reason to still stick around. As for your main question "Is it acceptable to cheat from a long distance relationship?". Well she did give you permission but personally I don't think it's right. If you love someone with all your heart you won't have a desire to be with anyone else, ever. Even if it does mean waiting around for months. Or if there's other cute girls around. There should only be one person in your mind and that should be her. Good luck though :)

    • hehe cute little rabbit, tricks are for kids! - sorry that just came to mind when I saw you :)

    • lol lol ^_^

    • tricky rabbit, is there a love out there that could be bigger than letting the other suffer?

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  • No cheating is never acceptable in any situation. If you cheat then there is no relationship. If you're thinking about it or would do it if the opportunity came along, then you obviously don't care about her and really shouldn't be in the relationship in the first place.

    • hehe, OK pretty wise gal. lets say - your a guy and you wanted a way around this? what would guy Leeni do? :)

    • Well since its a long distance relationship and you rarely get to see each other, and you are starting to get those thoughts I would just end it for now. Atleast until she comes back and you are able to have an easier relationship. Just say long distance is hard on you. Its better than cheating, there is no real way around it other than that.

  • I'm a little confused by the question. If she says its okay for you to see other people, then how is it cheating?

    • ok, lets say - if this isn't a form of cheating than basically I'm not her boyfriend right now?

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    • she knows what she's getting into and you aren't leading her on.

    • THANK YOU selfishstars! I guess an expert is no doubt an expert. FWB? FWB... :)

  • Really if you are even thhinking this through then make an official break. If you can't make it an official break because you love and care for her then man up and do what people in the miltary and other relationships do go get a hobby until you both reunite. I mean what does that say about your character that she gave you permission to step out on her? This is a good time and a good place for you to be. Sort through your feelings and what you want. You stated that she went to finish her degree what are you doing to help yourself or better you both as a couple? Tough spot to be in and FWB doesn't always work and it is very hard to distant that friend when you reunite with your long distance love. There will definitely be jealousy between the two women.


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  • " I understand the situation were in so you can see other girls during this time if you want but just never get serious with them and also you must end things with them once I'm back."

    It's either a test or a genuine offer that you can get a FWB going.

    • its not a test. she's a realist. she loves me too much to allow me to suffer. FWB would be so so nice... what do young ones like nowadays?

    • most FWB like having sex.

    • I can feel that she's a V or either at most a novice. I think I'm threading on dangerous but tempting waters :) maybe rent-a-girlfriend than FWB? that would be the work of a devil though?

  • your confused, you say your not having thoughts of cheating. but you know for a fact you are just by saying a hotter younger girl has crossed paths with you. end your relationship now before you royally screw things up. or be strong and tough it out for a year. don't ever cheat, if you do, your the lowest of the low.


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