Guys out there! please help.. issu with an EX!!

so last week he broke my heart telling me that we need to split!

i crushed down & I text him, I don't give a **** about you anymore. not abit you mean to me

then I started listing all the sweet bullsh*t he used to say to me then ended it, what was all that? you lied to me ...etc! sure, he didn't reply !


now that it's all over!..i feel that I lower myself & I was anything but classy!

thu I hv a broken heart and I can't believe what he had done to me, I hate the fact that he'll always remember that I couldn't just take his decision to move without me!

so I just sent him an FB message saying:

"am sorry for my break down last week & I just want you to know that am fine with your decision

sorry if I did you wrong & I forgive you if you did me wrong"

i know I already sent the msg!

i wonder will he reply?! ? what is he thinking now!?

i wish if I can get him back! :(

thu am acting so normal and socializing on facebook cz I wana show him I can do without him!

Was it the right thing to do? or did I make it worse!

please post your opinion! highly appreciate it
Guys out there! please help.. issu with an EX!!
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