Guys out there! please help.. issu with an EX!!

so last week he broke my heart telling me that we need to split!

i crushed down & I text him, I don't give a **** about you anymore. not abit you mean to me

then I started listing all the sweet bullsh*t he used to say to me then ended it, what was all that? you lied to me ...etc! sure, he didn't reply !


now that it's all over!..i feel that I lower myself & I was anything but classy!

thu I hv a broken heart and I can't believe what he had done to me, I hate the fact that he'll always remember that I couldn't just take his decision to move without me!

so I just sent him an FB message saying:

"am sorry for my break down last week & I just want you to know that am fine with your decision

sorry if I did you wrong & I forgive you if you did me wrong"

i know I already sent the msg!

i wonder will he reply?! ? what is he thinking now!?

i wish if I can get him back! :(

thu am acting so normal and socializing on facebook cz I wana show him I can do without him!

Was it the right thing to do? or did I make it worse!

please post your opinion! highly appreciate it


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  • time to move on. he surely doesn't deserve you if there wasn't even a reason behind why he dumped you. the best remedy is to go all out and sleep with a random safe guy and get hella drunk. flirt with them like crazy if your not there yet. your message was great! just don't get all emotional about it and let people find out. keep is coooooool. - peace!

  • Don't sweat it too much. If he dumped you without giving you a reason, your relationship probably didn't mean much to him anyways. The text ranting may have been a little much, but you tried to make amends via FB, which is OK (although I doubt the "I forgive you if you did me wrong" went over too well in his mind). Just go about your normal life and talk to your friends, etc. (but try not to OVERTLY do it on FB, because he may take it as you giving him the finger in an "I don't need you" sort of way).

    That's my 2 cents. Hope it works out for you.

    • u make lots of sense to me.. thank you

      the reason y I sent " I 4give you f you did me wrong" is cz I didn't want him to get my message as a confession that am fully wrong! & I hv this feeling that he won't like it too! :S


      btw.. he asked me 4 a favor b4 the break up regarding a job he desperately wanted, should I help him out as I promised and keep it formal? or should I just ignore and make him regret? :S

      THANk you so so much :)

    • Glad I could help!


      I'm not sure I would take out your transgressions on his professional life though (especially in the current job market). I might try and give him a nudge in the right direction. Showing a little compassion can go a long way in many instances. If you know the ACTUAL biblical story behind "The Good Samaritan", then this is a pretty good example (not to get all church-y on ya ;) lol ).

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