Is it normal for Exs to rebel?


basically, my boyfriend of around a year broke up with me in July of last year.

We have since come back for this year of uni, and he is behaving... out of character. Well he's being odd in that he won't talk to me - he literally blanks me all the time (though he's the one that finished it for no other reason other than he didn't feel that he loved me anymore) - but now he's tending to go off alone a lot, acting more lad/ rude/ brash on nights out, he's grown a beard even though he always said he didn't like beards and that he felt like a tramp with facial hair...

its almost as if he's desperatly trying to be someone he's really not...

is this normal?!


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  • I think that he is still trying to figure out who he is and is experimenting with new things. I have noticed that a lot of guys, and girls, go through these sorts of things when they go off to college.

  • It's normal for ex's to totally lose their heads.

    My ex he's now a pothead and a hardcore drinking and he was the one who broke it off.


    actually it's really sad because we're still good mates and everything but I totally disagree with the person he's turned into


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