Why does he want back in my life so badly?

I know what you're thinking, not another 'can exes be friends' question 🙄. Please, hear me out, because this isn't an obvious answer to me and Im not looking for validation either. I have to give background.

I blocked my ex on all social media a month ago (we broke up over 3 months ago). He cheated while I was 1000 miles away, doing some training. He, I guess, got together with the girl for a short while, then they split (i think).

I've gone and come back to our town since then, and when I came back recently he asked me to hangout. And we did, a few times, but lifting at the gym (we were lifting partners). He didn't ever ask me for sex or make physical moves toward me. At the time, i wasn't completely over him.

So we stopped, because as aforementioned I blocked him while I was home. Now that I'm away from home again, he texts me and wants to be back in my life. He apologizes for what happened a while back. He just wants to be my friend, apparently.

The obvious answer is "he just wants sex" but he knows that's not an option because I'm not home and when I was, he didn't make any moves on me. He also knows my dad won't let me anywhere near him outside of the gym.

So, why is he doing this? Why does he want to be my friend? He told me he "really cares about me" and "wants me around", yet he specifically said 'as a friend'. If sex isn't his motivation for this, what is? Do guys do this when they regret breaking up?

If you read all this, thanks so much ❤
8 mo
Thanks everyone. He's so good at making me feel like he really cares about me, which is why I think he's being genuine. I hate that I can almost sense feelings coming back for him. There's no future for us, because he's unfaithful and his family is awful. I know it's time to let go and lay all of this to rest.
8 mo
I told him it's too little, too late... I don't even know right now
Why does he want back in my life so badly?
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