My girlfiend of one year always talks about my ex

This is so annoying. My girlfriend I have been dating for one year and she's always talking about my ex and getting really mad about that...

She says I should be with her and blah blah

And then she says me and her woudl like make out and have sex all the time like she knew me back then...

She didn't. She's wrong about everything. Its so annoying..

When I refer to my past she always thinks I'm talking about my ex..

Why is she doing this and what can I do.



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  • I'm guilty of doing the same thing to my boyfriend. I was just like your girlfriend, I guess I did it out of jealousy and insecurity. I was jealous because I knew it took him a long time to get over her so I thought he liked her more than me which is why I was insecure. It caused A LOT of fights. Finally I realized that he only wanted me and there was a reason he wasn't still with her. I think your girlfriend just needs to realize that too. You can help by not mentioning your past, that's not good for the current relationship. Girls don't want to hear about the good times their boyfriend had with his ex girlfriend(s). Just make it all about your girlfriend. Make sure she knows how much you love her and only want her. That's very important, it would be a shame to end such a good relationship over something so unimportant and dumb.


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