Is he still scared? Sorry this kind of long

Me and my ex-boyfriend have been on and off for the past three years. The first major break up we had was because he was scared of the feelings he developed for me. And the other times we broke up were over nothing. Everything was going well between us and out of the blue he breaks up with me. He said that he felt like he had to be with me in oder for me to stay focused in college, and that he did not want a relationship. This all sounds crazy to me because he always hated the idea of me being with someone else and he was the one always talking about marriage and moving in together. And I would always tell him wait until we both are out of college. Plus when we were not together, I did pretty well in my classes. To sum this all up I wanted to know does it seem like he is still scared or is it something else.
Also right now he stopped talking to me because I told him that I wanted to be with him again.


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  • Sounds like this guy has some relationship phobias. First off, he is afraid of feeling too much for you and, then, he goes from one extreme to the other and starts talking about marriage. Now, he is back to the fear of the relationship. Clearly, the guy does care about you, but there seems to be some sort of motivation/pull that is telling him he needs to be single again. Who knows, maybe he is being pressured from his guy friends to be engaged in the single life again, or maybe he is afraid that he will tie himself down before he has enough time to enjoy single life. You are right, there is some sort of fear in him. He said that he stayed with you to do good in school, ask him what else made him stay with you. Also, ask him what his plans are now(like his future stuff like that). What he says can tell you a lot about maybe some of his hidden motivations.

    • I asked him what does he plan on doing and he tells me that he plans on moving. Which he says that every time we break up

    • well, then, I kind of feel like he just wants to get out there and experience something that is new and different. I am guessing that moving is how he thinks that he could do that. Seems like he is anxious and is maybe sick of the same thing day in and day out. Sounds like he is also kind of blaming is relationship as holding him back from this.

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