Why is he still contacting me?

My ex of 4yrs broke up with me its been 4months and he told me he just wants to be with me but doesn't then he told me he just wants to be friends I told him I can't be his friend and to please stop contacting me well its been 2 weeks and he is still contacting me I text him that his mail and books were on porch Wednesday he said he would be over Thursday then he text me Saturday sayin when can I get my stuff why is he still contacting me. Do you think he just wants to stay in contact I ignore most of his text


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  • i wanna know if you still have some feelings for him though because that's how I will know how to anser your question.

    if you hav anything more to share or jus need a friend to talk to to feel free to message me anytime I will b happy to her from u.

    well I had bad past and ex issues I still deal with it so somehow I can share with you too. :)

    take care reply.

    • I do love him very much the past 4 months I haven't contacted him or anything it was him text or calling me. sometimes I wouldn't answer his calls. He was my first love and I was his. He broke up with me and the longest we haven't talked in 3 months was 11 days he would always call me. I didn't bother him and then he was sending me mixed signals he wanted to go bowling he took me to see my dad in hospital he told me about his family he told me about work so I said would you like totry us again

  • yes he does want to see if he can get you back but mostly because its his ego not heart.


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