How could I get him back? I mean how can I invite him again?

I need more advise from you all please tell me a bit more when you are falling into someone then you realized he didn't like you at the end. When I met him in the Spec-saver, Oxford. He looked very smart and cute as well as I didn't know him very well. When I went to cowley centre, Oxford I was passing through his shop and he was there every time. I had broken my glass then I went to see someone who could able to fix my glass then I finally met him. It was surprised me. He was very kind to me and I really appreciated what he repaired my glass without paying. Obviously, It was cost me more than 20quid eventually he invited me to have coffee with him.

On the Saturday morning, I met him in Cafe Tarifa and He was really sweet. He offered me some drinks and he was looking at me at all the time and also I looked at him. I didn't think he really liked me. We had long conversation was very sweet. I was so silly I shouldn't ask him about his private things. It wasn't romantic but I was trying my best to talk with me.

In the end, I confessed how I felt to him by chat on the FB. In the end he said he likes me as a friend but nothing else which was really shamed of me :(. He never tested me but I wish I could hang out with him again. He has always had excused when I tested him and he said he was busy with his working including other stuffs. That's why I don't want to test him again. How could I get him back? I mean how can I invite him again? if he refused of these things then I will leave him alone. To be honest, I really like him a lot and I can't stop thinking about him at all the time.


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  • I know you like him btu you shouldn't be chasing him. Especially if he makes excuses. You cn't get hhim back, just move on and find someone who likes you and chases you.


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