I'm still not over my ex?

I dated this guy almost 2 years ago. We dated 2 different times but not for very long. He cheated on me with 4 different girls. I was extremely attracted to him. We broke up the day after valentines day in 2009 because his best friend told me about the girls. I had completely forgotten about him until I came across his facebook today and it was him kissing another girl, and I started crying. Why am I doing this? am I still not over him?


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  • Your relationship ended in a really bad time. There wasn't really any closure. I don't know how the breakup happened and I don't know if you have really talked to him at all. Seeing his FaceBook and him kissing a girl probably just brought up some good times and the pain that followed when he cheated on you. I can guess that you could say that you and him had good times together. You liked him and all. He hurt you. I am pretty sure you are over him but you are just bringing up some old feelings. Good luck with all this. Sooner or later when you meet a much better man you will completely forget him most likely.

    Jeff :)


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  • u shud not cry...u shud feel bad for that girl... he must be cheating on her with 10 other girls who didn't have the privilege to be in his facebook profile