Very important question. Would like your input.

Alright, so first off, I am 17, and my new boyfriend is 18. We are very happy together, get along great and always have a good time.

But his ex-girlfriend is a bit insane. She is dating someone that she has been with quite a few times and had screwed my boyfriend over by going out with this guy she's with now. Anyways, she found out today that we're together and she decides to call me some names and tell me to grow up. Then say that she wishes us well and gives it 2 weeks. She won't talk to me now. Should I try to resolve this with her? We were kind of good friends before..

Second, one of my boyfriends friends, who I work with, and who used to be obsessed with me is quite upset at me as well. He called me a cow and won't give me a chance to talk to him. He still hates me for not going out with him, and said that if I hurt his friend in any way, I would "deeply regret it". How can I at least get him to where he can stand talking to me so it won't interfere with my relationship?

I really like this guy and I don't want to screw things up. These people might cause problems with it because they were kind of involved in our pasts. Any relationship advice?
Very important question. Would like your input.
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