Very important question. Would like your input.

Alright, so first off, I am 17, and my new boyfriend is 18. We are very happy together, get along great and always have a good time.

But his ex-girlfriend is a bit insane. She is dating someone that she has been with quite a few times and had screwed my boyfriend over by going out with this guy she's with now. Anyways, she found out today that we're together and she decides to call me some names and tell me to grow up. Then say that she wishes us well and gives it 2 weeks. She won't talk to me now. Should I try to resolve this with her? We were kind of good friends before..

Second, one of my boyfriends friends, who I work with, and who used to be obsessed with me is quite upset at me as well. He called me a cow and won't give me a chance to talk to him. He still hates me for not going out with him, and said that if I hurt his friend in any way, I would "deeply regret it". How can I at least get him to where he can stand talking to me so it won't interfere with my relationship?

I really like this guy and I don't want to screw things up. These people might cause problems with it because they were kind of involved in our pasts. Any relationship advice?


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  • First, his ex-girlfriend is being very disrespectful, going all the way to call you names and hand over insults. They broke up for a reason and she shouldn't be taking it out on you just because you're with him now, anyway she's already with another guy so I don't see why she has the need to get mad at you.

    As for your boyfriend's friend who is upset at you for rejecting him, he's probably jealous that you decided to go for his friend instead of going out with him. I think the only thing that will get him to stand talking to you is time. TIme for him to get over than he didn't get what he wanted and he has to accept that and move on.

    Ex-girlfriend: Na...i'd say she's being a bit psycho.

    Boyfriend's friend: Give him time to cool off.

    I wish you the best and good luck!

    • Thanks so much!

      I was really upset when all of this happened, but now that I know I'm not the one that's insane, I feel so much more confident in my relationship. Thanks :)

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  • Wow! I have to say it sounds like you are in junior high with how those 2 people are acting. If it was me I would not bother with them. Don't pay any attention to them. Does your boyfriend know how the both of them are acting? If not you should defiantly tell him. Unless it is really important to you to fix the relationship with those so called friends I wouldn't bother. They both defiantly need to grow up.

    • Actually they both graduated 2 years ago.. I work with/know some mature people eh?

      He's aware of what's happening, he just had the "I just don't care" attitude, he just cares about being with me :P

      Thanks ! :)

  • Well that's great to hear. He is probably a person who just doesn't really care about all that drama BS, and you shouldn't it let it bother you. Especially don't let it effect your relationship.


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  • Have you ever heard of the 'I want what I can't have so I'll raise hell' complex? Prime example for both of these people.

    You're trying to make everyone happy, and it's just not going to work out. They both have possessive attitudes and nothing will appease them unless you break it off.

    As much as a strain it is on your relationship, there is no way you can go about this where everyone is happy, so just go about with your life with your fab boyfriend, and forget about making these pathetic people comfortable.

    Considering that one of them was openly obsessed with you, there really is no legitimate reason for you to explain anything to him or make amends so he'll talk to you. Regardless if he's your boyfriend's friend. If I'm in a relationship with someone, and the obsessed, repulsive, stamp collector next door got jealous and refused to offer me sugar anymore, I wouldn't sit on his porch trying to make things right between us.

    I mean try and see if you can talk to him, but DO NOT apologize for anything. If he refuses to act like a descent human being, then you and your boyfriend will have to tough it out. And if he's true to you, he'll be there through all of this nonsensical crap.

    • Haha I like your direct view on things, I don't feel like the only psycho bi*ch on here anymore xD (no offence intended)

      It really helps to have another girls point of view! :) thanks!

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