How much do people actually cheat?

I want 100% honest answers here, no bullsh*t. Be anonymous if you don't want people to think you're a d***.

How much do people actually cheat? I'm mainly aiming this at girls, but guys can answer too.

I've been thinking about it ever since yesterday. I was in an open relationship with my girlfriend, but yesterday she asked me to be exclusive with her. I agreed to it, but I'm not sure whether I trust her. I know another guy (who she says is just a friend) stopped over at hers last night. So I'm quite convinced she's cheated on me, after a lot of other things that stop me from trusting her. She saw texts from another girl and was really jealous before asking me to be exclusive with her, I'm thinking maybe she just got jealous and wanted to keep me to herself, but still wants to shag about.

Also, I should mention that I'm no angel either. I have cheated before, even though I would never do it again and I felt like sh*t afterward. When I'm in a relationship I'm always tempted when I see other girls I like, which is why I wanted an open relationship, I hate lying to people. I've slept with quite a few girls who had boyfriends. A few weeks ago I had sex with one girl with a boyfriend, only to read later on her Facebook wall "I love my boyfriend so much!".

Yesterday, I told another girl that I couldn't see her anymore because I was with my girlfriend, and told her I just want to be friends. She went mad, and my girlfriend told me "she just wanted to use you for sex. I used to do it all the time. Then she'lll twist it round to being your fault, women are experts at that. I used to do it all the time".

It does seem to me that women are way sneakier about cheating than guys are.

So yeah, how much cheating and sneaking behind peoples' backs actually goes on? Be completely honest.


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  • dude the first woman I ever slept with that was married fit the profile of the anti-cheater perfectly

    married wife of marine corp vet.. had 2 kids with him (would have been 3 except for miscarriage)... her dad was a preacher with a PhD in some theological Bullsh*t, she was a Sunday school teacher. the whole time she made it clear it was just something emotional,... but I got that sh*t ;)

    its not really a matter of if, its just when... if a woman is at the point in her life where she is unhappy, and the right guy who knows to play with emotions comes along, she will show up at his Apt in a cute miniskirt and f*** him sooner or later :)


    • Yeah, women are really good at hiding it.

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    • Yeah I've done the sleeping with loads of girls thing, and to be honest I'm quite bored of it. I just don't get why girls moan about guys not being able to commit all the time, when really they all sleep around anyway.

    • yea.. well its not like women do it on purpose.. on one end they crave commitment but on the other end, they feel swept away by guys all the time that know how to make them spread their legs

      lol then they lie about all those times they spread their legs and took it..

      makes me laugh :)

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  • I can't tell you what others do, but I would never cheat. I'm very against adultery & think cheating is the cruelest thing you can do to your partner.

  • Well it goes on Nearly 24-7 not just in boyfriend-girlfriend relationships but Husband-wife too !

    that girl you're talking about I wouldn't say she's cheating maybe he was jsut a friend , and as for her being jelous that just shows she likes you a lot and wants to keep you tooo her self

  • I think it varies from girl to girl. If a person is feeling secure in their relationship I believe that would be a big factor that would make them more faithful. My bf makes me feel secure and looks out for me so I would never cheat on him (although I do flirt with other guys) but that's just my personality. Sounds like she is feeling jeleous but doesn't necessarily mean she will cheat. Try to reassure her, Openess and honesty is very important in a relationship. If she hides her phone constantly or is dishonest about things that is a sign that things may not be right. although it could be other reasons so it's hard to tell. Some people hide things cause they don't want the other person getting jealous, even if it's just harmless flirting. But the fact that she is honest with you about this friend suggests that it is most likely they are just friends.

    • This was aaages ago lol. She cheated, I caught her red-handed. In fact she cheated the same night she asked me to be exclusive. I should have trusted my instincts, and the people who knew her who warned me so.

  • well if you are in an open relationship then you shouldn't worry bout it...coz you were the one who said when your in a relationship you like to admire other girls tempted to see them and all..

    from your story what I infer is that she might be keeping you as a back up..and once she finds a bigger catch than you then she will move its better to stay away from those kinda ppl...and don't cheat so then you wouldn't have to worry bout being in an relationship and your girlfriend cheating on you..goodluck=)

    • Thanks for the advice. I'm not in an open relationship now since she asked me to be exclusive with her yesterday. I wouldn't worry about it if it was still open.

      I wrote this post to try and figure out how much people cheat though... Have you ever cheated? Or done something behind a guy's back with someone else? Please give me an honest answer.

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  • i never cheated myself and passed up a couple chances too. my ex cheated on me tho, cheating is a despicable thing to do imo.

    • Me too, seems to me that even though men are made out to be the worst for it, women cheat more than guys. They're just really good at hiding it.

    • agreed. I think women do it more and hide it better usually.

  • Adultery is, specifically from the old testament Bible, a married woman fvcking a man who is not her husband. For a while a married man with a single woman was not, hence concubines and "Temple Prostitutes". The new testament expanded this to be a married person down with someone other than their spouse.

    I wrongfully did this when a married woman years ago (I was unmarried) on my job "seduced" me when I was 20-ish and a recent marriage ended with me as the cuckold in pretty much the same setup. Bad, life destroying business.

    Consider this a public confession right here at G.A.G. Have to do it anonymously, though.


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