Boyfriend says he says move in!

my boyfriend wants me to move in with him, but wants me to make the decision. is he bsing me? or does he really want me? I'm from texas and he moved to florida by the way.


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  • how old are you? what will you be throwing away if you were to move?

    • 18 I'm throwing away nothing because ill be doing the same there as I am here

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    • the kids are with his ex

    • again... don't get caught up in his drama. take yourself out of it before you can't

  • Why makes you think he's not being serious? Of course he wants you to decide for yourself, he can't drag you down to florida if you don't want to come...

    • he once cheated on me and he has 2 children. and he doesn't call me me much

    • Oh... well then I really don't know if it's a good idea. Only you know if you can trust him and if he's worth taking the gamble.

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