I don't want to seem creepy?

The group tried to set it up but because I always was being stared at by whole lot of people I kind of lost my nerve. She always pursued me. Well she got upset and left. Her best friend smiles from ear to ear when she sees me. I don't know why. Everybody was on my side her and me. She used to always beg I never left. When she left I got upset and gave the girls a I hate you look. Because Sam didn't tell her a message that would of caused her to not leave. Now I'm back her best friend is smirking. Everyone else is staring intensely. I did upset one girl when she was trying to be nice and I gave her a dirty look. Sam was being a jerk and followed me in his car. So I left for 5 weeks. Called her and she claims to not even know me. Maybe it was because she was at work. I know one thing girls talk about everything and I'm sure she will talk about me. I also am thinking the only way it will work is if I go threw her friends especially the one that is smirking and being sweet. Her friends do want to flirt with me like they used to. She used to get so upset when anyone flirted with me. Will it still upset her if get flirt again since I don't want to loose her? I did notice her friend used to get upset when I was happy thinking I was with somebody I think. Once me and her had this thing would it be considered bad if someone else in the group liked me? The whole thing is I like her to death now that she is gone. I want to still get with her if their is a chance. I'm thinking maybe since her girl friends are all smiling and being so sweet and flirting. What do I do not be upset and start talking to the other girls. She I bring anther girl that's not related to the group over their?


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  • Stop doing everything! And let her come to you even if she doesn't let it go doesn't sound good at all.


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