Am I crazy for thinking I'm in love?

So I've liked this guy since I was in 5th grade , he & I have been best friends since ! Recently he & I were talking & we somehow got on the topic of liking each other. then we got carried away , he had a girlfriend & said he would cheat on her with me . we thought about it & it didn't sound right so later that day after he got done playing hockey he texted me saying that he was gonna stay with her but that they would only last a week then he would wanna date me so I told him okay what ever makes you happy , I was thinkin about the saying " if you love someone & you let them go & they return its ment to be " then 5 min later I get a call from him saying " I really love you , I don't want the other girl I want you , will you please be my girlfriend " weve been dating since then & everything is great but he likes his ex girlfriend . which I know some guys want to so they have a rebound . but they always talk , should I be mad? I don't think so , aslong as he doesn't do something stupid. I think he truly is the one for me . Id do anything for him ! in my eyes he's my whole world! he says he loves me & he always kisses me & hugs me & holds my hand . he even started talking about our future . he makes everything so romantic with me . he says he'd do anything for me & I believe him . we've had to work around a few obstacles but weve done it ! I absoutly love him . am I crazy for it ?


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  • Probably infatuated but not love


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