Why did my ex call me and gave me false hope?

so I went to club with my friends and I saw him. I ignored him. we did not say anything to each other. so yeah I had a pretty good time this night.

but then, when I got home, I got a call from a number I did not know, and yup it was him. he wanted to know if I got home safe blablabla. and he told me that he miss me and want to spend time with me. I hesitate for a moment to go see him... but I still love my ex so yeah I went to see him.

then I was at his house, he talked to me. he told me yeah... I was thinking about you and I really miss you and I want to be with you again and I wonder if you want to be with me too. (he was the one who broke up with me 8 month ago)

so I told him... what do you want from me?! he says I don't know. then I told him ok.. do you still love me or what?! he says... I don't know its different. I was like... OK what do you know?! why did you call me then?! he says... I'm sorry, but I think it was a mistake, I shouldn't have call you.

then I was like =( damnn you stoopid BYE! but yeah he never call me back since. but I don't understand. oh and by the way when he called me that day, he had a girlfriend and I think there are stil ltogether. but why did he call me to say he miss me, that he wants to be with me but then after says that it was a mistake that he shouldn't have call.


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  • I think he shouldn't be a bi#!h and tell you how he fells and not keep saying I don't know


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