After 6 months why do I still get the urge to contact my ex?

He has a girlfriend . Why do I even want to contact him after he got a girlfried two months after we broke up? I still miss him and he seems like he has no interest in talkig to me. He has never tried... I'm always the one trying (in the past ) of kills me that he is over me and has no problem not talking to me when it bothers me so much ! What the gel do I do?

Wasn't right to him of . The next day he called and said he wanted to be with me but wanted to take it slow and just " see eachother" and I said no... On if you take me back. Then he ignored me for a wrk and I begged be all that dumb shot I shouldn't have


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  • That is so typical when they don't get what they want they ignore you

    Girl my ex does the exact same thing and I've learned it's his sign if immaturity

    But I cannot act holy since I still lie him but don't worry he shall begin to contact you more when he wants to hook up and te stronger the urge gets the more he gives in to what you want :) well that's just my experience

  • Omg ! I undertad completely but if rounding mind how dd you guys break up

    • it was all confusig. Everythig was awsome but then we got into a random little fight. He thought I broke up with him in a text which I didn't . He said he didn't want get back together. Next day we get back together for about 3 days.. Then he said he couldn't do it. He said he thougt I was pushing him around because I told him he was being a d*** or an ass when we were in a fight sometimes. Then he said something about if I ever cheated on him he would get back together with me... And that

    • Girl I went through the EXACT same thing

      Like literally so I can say from my experience that in his mind everything is closed so he is able to move on and not look back but for you there was never any rela closure and you never had a clear reason as to why it all ended...and until you do something inside will always draw you back

      What I suggest is you try to get him to answer all your questions truthfully and from his view that way you can talk it out and you can move on

    • we don't talk anymore. I don't have him on facebook and he lies about having a phone. So it's impossible. I'll just have to live with it I guess

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