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well my ex boyfriend deleted me from his friends on facebook.like a couple months after we broke up.we kinda talk here and there but not the same as we used to.well he re added me as his friends.like 2 or 3 weeks ago and well I saw that he has deleted me once again.what does this mean?do you think he's going to re add me?i still want to maintain being friends but I'm afraid to re add him.since I know he might not accept my friend request.


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  • he must have thought that he could handle seeing your pictures and such and then realized that he couldn't. the same thing happened to me with my ex. we talk occasionally and we're fine but I definitely don't want to see her profile. don't sweat it. facebook friends doesn't translate to real life friends. it just means that you're able to look at someones pictures and statuses


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  • uhg...honestly? stupid facebook.

    What Do YOU think of your relationship?

    THE QUESTION YOU SHOULD BE ASKING is... is he your friend?

    if you think so, then add him. And his response should tell you what he thinks.

    Re-add him if you value his friendship.

    Don't re-add him if you don't care about him.

    If he adds you, ask yourself? are you guys really friends?

    if he dosen't...then move on.

    keep it simple ladies

    oh and one more thing...don't let facebook get too involved in your life.

  • All it means is that he wanted to check your pictures and updates. Nothing serious. If he wanted to pursue you, he would never delete you from FB.


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