Why don't ex's answer emails? Responses are very appreciated and all are rated up!

I mean sure its about the whole 'im not with them anymore so why would I' type thing, but isn't that a tad selfish? If someone emails you or tries to get in contact with you I think its the MATURE thing at the very most, to at least do the same. Even if its just to say something like 'get over it - leave me alone' at least that would be better than NOTHING at all. And it would leave A LOT LESS questions for the other one.

NOT responding leaves a person on the other side to question if they even received the email at all, or if it got deleted, etc.

A response would seem like the best thing right? ...


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  • Maybe they are worried that they will become attached again if they contact you back, or maybe they don't want the same to happen for you. My ex used to do that all the time when I was trying to get over him, and it was actually selfish on his part because he knew how hard it was for me when he tried to contact me. I finally managed to get over him and now we are pretty good friends, we don't talk that often, like every couple of weeks or so, but its the way I prefer it. So I think you really shouldn't try to continuously contact each other until you've moved on, because its only going to make it harder for one of you. When you move on, see if he is willing for a friendship, because he has obviously moved on himself and is not interested in hearing about the relationship. Otherwise he just doesn't check his emails that often.


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