Why won't my ex boyfriend let go?

Into the 6/7 years of our relationship this girl came into the pic. He denied being with her until he admitted cause it was all over. He says its my fault he started being with her. I stayed for a few years after hoping he would c I wanted to be with him but their relationship grew stronger. I decided to leave cause he said its hard to choose between the two and he is afraid if he leaves her I would leave him again. She is not here all the time and when she's not its like I fill in the gap. I have tried dating other guys but when I do he says "i will get what I looking for". It makes me think something could happen to me. I even got an anxiety attack once cause I went on a date and he told me he was outside my house waiting to c who was dropping me home! He says he loves me but he can't just end it with her just like that cause she has not given him reason too. Am I supposed to wait! This is getting old and I'm getting older too. I want to move but he makes me feel like there is still hope for the 2 of us together. He also says its my fault that our relationship is where it is today. He has had other girls besides she and me. He says my friends are influencing me to leave him.


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  • . you have every means to get out of this situation but it seems you yourself don't want to.

    look girl...u are an adult now...u have your own mind...u can think fr yourself... no one can make you believe that its your fault unless you agree to it... so kindly tell him to get lost because he is a two timing scum... and don't allow yourself to get bothered by him and teat you like a doormat. and I fail to understand why you want a second chance with such a weird guy.

    if he persists... there is always a restraining order. go find a normal guy who can respect u.


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  • Honestly, I'm going through the same exact thing right now with my guy. Except I guess I'm the other girl in your story. He has known her for years, and they grew up in the same community but when he met me, he began to care for me. We go to school in a different state than the girl he has been with. So when he is here he's with me, but still talks to her and is technicaly with her still. When he goes home he is with her, but still talks to me. I recently told him if he wanted to be with me then he couldn't be with her. He agreed but then turned around and talked to her behind my back. She told him the same thing, and he still talked to me. This past week he convinced me that he wanted me and me only, but he went home, and hasn't really talked to me. So now I'm not convinced that he is being loyal or anything. I want to be with him, in any form possible but it's hard knowing he always runs back to the girl back home even though he knows I'm better for him in every way.

    To help you with your question is something I can not do. All I know is that I can relate to you, but in the other girls point of view. Maybe we can help each other?


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