How do I win him back guys?

i just got dumped by the love of my life of 7 years! he broke it off because he said he was not happy. we had no money and could never afford to go out. we were stuckindoors all the time and he blamed me that he did not see his mates. now he is out and enjoying himself but I want him back! I miss him so much and I'm willing to do anything. I keep phoning him and begging him but he won't budge. he said he is happy and that he still loves me but he does not want to be in a relationship with me. What should I do to try and get him back. what would your ex have to do for you to give her another chance!


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  • invite him somewhere fun or try to show him you can be fun too..


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  • Seems like he just wants to experience life and be single for a while. How old is he?

    • So, he has been with you since 17... Its great - high school sweethearts bond very well, but I am afraid that he needs some time off for himself. You can talk to him and let him see that you are a lot of fun too (and you are not clingy). Also give him more freedom, once he will want to come back to you. Tell him that you don't mind him having fun with his buddies because guy with his own life is more interesting that a guy who spends 24/7 only with his gf.

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