Confused...Is it time to move on?

Well my girlfriend and I been dating for almost a year.. She said she need space because she is going through a lot which I totally understand. So she kept assisting that she be friends I told her I love her to much to do so, I decided to end it. So I deleted her of my fb and phone and stuff. I put on my status that she never loved me from the start. She later text me saying "I did love you and I never played you I just need to get my head cleared' Then I reply do you see a future between us she text back "Maybe" if we both single. A few days past I updated my status again and she text me saying why you keep talking about me on or FB but how is she finding this stuff out and I deleted her and her family members. Then this weekend she called me in the middle of the night to Wish me goodnight and sweet dreams . Then Saturday morning I get a phone alert saying she requested me back as a friend on fb and MySpace. But I don’t get it when I move on she wants to come back in my life. She done this before in the past we had a moment of space in our relationship. She is going through really hard times but I don’t know. I do miss her dearly cause I love her a lot but she got a lot of personal issues she claim she love me and there is no other guy. She keeps saying she want a future with me if I or her don’t have anyone come in our lives between this time apart. Plus I'm confused should I wish her a Happy Birthday next week So I'm asking what should I do…


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  • We always want what we don't have, and it sounds like she is very confused.

    You sound like a good guy, who honestly deserves better. Don't make someone a priority when they only make you an option, which it sounds like that's what she is doing based on her answer when you asked her if she saw a future between you. My best advice is listen to your heart. What do you really want? Do you want to be with her for the right reasons? Or is it because you are holding onto what you used to have? I've done that, it didn't work out. I was living in the past and it's not good. Look at things realistically and it will work out.

    • thank you I will do that

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  • Of course it's time to move on.

    First, it's obvious that you have common friends who are telling her what you say about her on Facebook. The solution is not to hire a detective, but to simply MOVE ON and stop talking about her, to stop worrying about whether she really loved you, or really meant this or that. Who cares. She is a part of your past now, and you are in the present MOVING ON to a new future.

    One of the worst things you could bring to a future relationship is baggage. Emotional (lingering feelings for your ex), or contact (having her on facebook, still emailing or calling her, still responding or writing about her). And the best thing to bring to a future relationship are "lessons learned". So you are now a better person and a more mature individual having learned from this relationship.

    Well, learn from the breakup too! You both need to move on in your lives and you are off to a bad start. The only contact you should have with her now is to tell her that obviously you still have some feelings that would prevent you from moving on if you stayed in touch, and letting her know that although you wish her the best in life, it would be best to move on and not contact each other anymore, so you wish her a happy birth day in advance and apologize if you won't call her on that day, but at least she will be able to have a birthday without worrying about the ex. You might even want to be daring and to tell her that you plan to take things easy, but that you think a great way to move on would be to move on into new relationships and that you therefore wish her luck in love as well.

    Then be sure to ignore any further attempts from her at contacting you.


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