My ex and I had this ongoing issue that pretty much led to the destruction of our relationship. Need an outside opinion

OK kind of a complicated situation... but I just need some outside opinions too see get this off my mind.

So my ex and I had this ongoing issue that pretty much led to the destruction of our relationship.

She was my best friend for years, but I had a girlfriend, and we never did anything. Then a couple weeks after I broke up with said girlfriend, me and her kissed one night while we were hanging out. We both had feeling for each other, but we agreed I had just gotten out of a 3 year relationship and needed some time for myself to heal from it (that girl cheated on me and lied to me all the time). So we were not together, and I told her I didn't want a girlfriend at the time, and that we were not together and free to do whatever we wanted for a couple months. She agreed and understood completely.

Now in the 2 months we were apart and doing our own thing, she got really drunk at a party and hooked up with a guy. She only told me about it after we started dating, even though I knew it happened, but I didn't care at all and it didn't matter because we weren't together. Now in those same two months, I got drunk at a party and kissed another girl, didn't even go to making out, just kissed. When she found out about it, she flipped!

We wound up working it out after we started dating, but she got very jealous and controlling, and every time a something came up she would always jump to "You kissed her so its hard for me to trust you"

I thought this was totally uncalled for, as it was just a kiss, and she hooked up with someone on the same break?! And that didn't bother me. All in all the relationship led to her trying to control my life, so I ended it and things got really nasty, but I don't think I was in the wrong for what happened in the beginning was I?

So in

I don't know how the "So in" showed up at the bottom, that part doesn't matter


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