Should I keep talking to her?

This girl and I had been talking for about three months and I had told her a couple times that I liked her and stuff like that and she would kinda change the subject so I figured she either didn't like me or wasn't ready to tell me but then like a week ago we kinda didn't talk much cause she said she had other things going on and had to study for midterms but then it came out that she liked this other guy and then she kinda got mad at me cause I said I would leave her be so she could talk with this boy and she said that I was overreacting and the fact that we were just friends was no big deal but I said that as long as I was able to talk to her I would try to win her over and it would be best if I just left her alone. she got mad and eventually told me I was annoying her and to give her space which I easily agreed to do. I left her alone for about one and a half days then she texted me telling me that if I had been wondering her and this boy were done so I just said sorry things didn't work out . later that day I saw on facebook that she got a concussion so I texted her asking if she was alright and we talked for a little before she went to bed but now I feel like talking would be awkward cause she knows I like her and I know she doesn't like me and she says she still kinda likes this other boy but is trying to get over him


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  • yeah she basically wants you out of her life... most of the time.. I would get over her. I had the same situation with this other guy but I only talked to him again because I figured he was that one guy who liked me no matter what I did..soo umm she really doesn't like you in "that" way..i promise


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  • You are the rebound. If you really like this girl keep talking to her and comfort her. Also, don't ever tell a girl you like her more than once. So don't say it to her again.

    Another thing, don't ever say to a girl that you are going to leave her alone. Just do it, and they will start to wonder why you just dropped them. Eventually leading them to contact you.

    If I was in this situation, id move on. ;) Best of luck bro.


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