How to be friends with an ex?

He was the first person I've ever been in love with, and I'm taking the breakup hard. I haven't slept in about 52 hours or eaten anything. He says our relationship would be better as friends, I'm not sure how to go about being friends now...any tips?


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  • Don't take it literally. It's just a nice way to end a relationship. It's more likely to hurt you to remain as friends. You already have other friends, so keep those, make new ones. Find a new boyfriend eventually. Stop talking to this guy. Think of your future boyfriend: How would you feel if he was still friends with a girl he used to be crazy about, to have sex with, who was his former lover? So take this thing into your own hands and don't talk to this guy again. After all, he doesn't want to be with you romantically. You owe this to yourself.

    • in a similar situation with the girl I like, she has remained friends with her ex, and I am limbo wondering if I should make a move or not. so yeah think of consequences, but also remember that you can still be friends and that things don't have to be awkward every time you run into each other.

What Girls Said 1

  • u can't be friends until you get over him... and to get over him you need to distance yourself from for the time being don't contact him. if he calls tell him the reasons and be nice to him. just say tht you will b frnds with him once you stop feeling bad.


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