Chance of getting back together?

OK so I dated a guy for four months last year! It kinda started out because we work together and hung out a lot on work nights out! Anyway it was pretty good time, we went London and just had a good time! But (There's always a but) he was hurt in the one serious relationship he had! So we never got serious! So I broke it off to save my feelings and it was a pretty hard time for both of us! We text afterward saying we missed each other and also ended up back in each other arms one night after being at the pub with work mates! A few weeks after this I ended up kissing another guy, he happen to see this and was really upset! He told me it was hard to see me with someone else! He went away to Aussie for 5 weeks and I didn't hear from him for 4 weeks, he then got in touch with me asking how I was ,just general chit chat, we spoke 3 times after that and when he got back he ask me out for drinks! He then invited me to cinema but both time I couldn't make! I Just don't understand what's going on! I DO still have feeling for him but don't know how to go about them, I don't wanna get hurt like before! Can someone please help me! I can't get over this and I just wanna know what to do! Xxx

I need a guy to leave a comment, What are your views on this?


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  • You should just tell him all that! If he doesn't understand then maybe you should find someone else...


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