My new girlfriend and her ex?

I'm currently going out with a gal that is 7 years younger than me. Our relationship is quite OK thus far it's been a couple of months. Recently, she jokingly suggested that we should go to her ex's place, make out in front of him and make him jealous and then leave. We obviously didn't but I kinda found that weird. She then told me about him calling her and texting her ever so often, I asked her to ignore him but she says that he will start chasing her if she ignored him...she said he might think that she is Playing hard to get or something. After the conversation we had about this guy, she texts me saying that I should never bring him into the conversation ever. Later on that night I am talking to her and she tells me that he (the ex she asked me never to talk about) was calling her and texting her that evening. I don't know whether she still has feelings for him but I wanted to ask her that maybe her and I shouldn't see each other until she has dealt with her Past because I feel we end up talking about this guy calling/texting too often and she admitted to me that he wants in. I asked her to ignore him but she said he would chase even harder so I'm not sure whether she actually longs to talk this chap. Any thoughts? Do you think I should tell her to deal with this guy first and that her and I can't see each other until she does?


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  • I think she still has a thing for him or else why would she even bring him up. He obviously has not gotten over her and that's why he insists on texting. If you told her to ignore him she should of listen to you. Tell her again this time letting her know how it's affecting your relationship with her. Give her an example of your ex trying to get in touch with you. That should make her feel what you feel.

    • Thanks for your response. she does know about my ex trying get ahold of me. Infact my ex called me when I was with her once and I asked her not to call again and that I had moved on. Do you think it's time for some tough love? Tell her I can't see her until she has dealt with this problem? Either to tell the guy that she has moved on...We kinda haven't told a lot of people that we are seeing each other.

    • Your're welcome , umm I don't think the tough love is necessary yet .If you do that then you're gonna let the stupid ex win and that will mean that you are letting him break you two apart. Just talk to her straight out. If she can't deal with it and you guys don't find a solution then you should use your though love method. But meanwhile try to avoid it and don't let this ex break you guys apart.

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  • First of all your older and wiser than your girl which gives you an upper hand on things, best thing to do is have a sit and talk with her..relate to her that if she really does value your relationship she should know her limits..meaning telling her EX she already has a should not force her just make her realize that this set-up is wrong and unfair on your part..she should also tell her EX if he really wants her to be happy he will not ruin her current relationship with you..its going to be hard but if the EX is still persistent tell your girl that you will have to confront the guy..


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