Why did my ex start talking to me then suddenly started to ignore me?

My boyfriend and I broke up over the summer. When school started, I did my best to ignore him and move on with my life, but then he started to talk to me online even though we didn't talk in school. In one of our conversations, he told me, "I feel like this conversation is full of love, and what we're doing is not flirting." I said, "All we're doing is making fun of each other, where's the love in that?" He sai,d "Exactly. That's all we did online when we were together. Make fun of each other." The next day he asked me if there was still a chance that he could come over and hang out. I said " It depends. Are you just "being nice" or are you really trying to be a good guy?" He said, "What do you think?" I said, "I don't know what to think." He said, "Me neither." After that, he only talked to me a few times to ask for something. At school, he flirts with 2 of my friends infront of me, but he still stares at me, and when I was absent one day, my friend said he didn't even talk to the girls he flirts with infront of me. He always seems to be near, but he never talks to me, not even online. It's been like that for a week now. I deliberately flirt with other guys in front of him. Last night, we were a a gathering, and even though we didn't talk, my friend said he was constantly looking at me. When he left, he came and said bye to the guy that I was talking to but he didn't even look at me. I just want to know whether he still likes me or if he doesn't.


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  • I don't seem to understand why you guys broke up. From being in his place, and from what you are saying. It sounds like you both want to be together. From his behavior, I would guess he is still crazy about you.

    • He wanted to end it because it wasn't really working out, and we broke up online over the summer..do you think I should be worried that he has been ignoring me for the past week?

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    • I don't want to talk to him unless he might still have feelings for me..do you think that even though he's ignoring me he still has feelings for me?

    • Only he can say for sure. If you guys loved each other then I can't possibly understand how it's possible to stop having feelings. His actions and the things he has said make it seem like he still feels very strongly for you. Maybe like his emotions just fluctuate. One moment he is just normal. The next he just wants to love you again. I can't say cause I don't know all the details....But to answer the question. yea, I think he does still have feelings for you, he is probably unsure about them.

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  • seems to me that by flirting like that and staring at you is he is trying to make you jelous and looking to see what is your reaction.but I could be wrong.i mean I wouldn't rush into anything.i would see if he is really serious about getting back with u.and I would say that maybe the reason why he said bye to the guy was maybe because he was thinking that you decided to move on.