My parents do not want me to tell people that we are moving :/

s it wrong for me to want to tell one or two friends what is going on? I'm usually really emotional and everything seems to be collapsing around me. I need someone to tell what I am feeling right now and for them to help me through the moving process. Should I just tell one or two people even though my parents said not to?


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  • why don't they want you to tell them?

    i moved around a lot as a kid and it kind of has it's good and bad things. sure you're gonna miss your old friends but I guarantee you will make new ones who you might even end up liking more. its not easy but eventually you make new friends and you'll probably end up not talking to your old friends as much as time passes.

    • I've moved a lot before also, but I have never liked it.

      They want to keep it hush, but I will not be telling everyone. Just those one or two people that I truelly trust and will let me open up to them.

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    • :) good luck

    • Thanks you! :)

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  • Keep quiet, if only out of respect to your parent's wishes.

    ``I can keep a secret. It's just that the people I tell it to can't.''


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  • I'm moving across the country in 2 months. This will be my first move EVER! I was not allowed to tell people I am moving so that my mom wouldn't lose her current job.


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