Do you give back to the community? Do you want to start?

Now that I somewhat have a handle on my academics I'm joining this organization at my university called Community Outreach.

They do things like: Habitat for Humanity, Sojourner House reading group, local soup kitchens, Central Blood Bank Blood Drives, recreational programs, and senior citizen programs.

I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for and it's only right to give back and donate some of my time to help others. :)

So do you do anything like this? Do you want to start?


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  • Oh, I love volunteering.

    I used to volunteer a lot at the animal shelter back in my hometown. Not only at the original building itself but also at this little store they had at the mall (essentially a small adoption place where they had the best animals for people to interact with).

    At college I'm part of two organizations. In one of them we also have done some volunteer work at the animal shelter in town and helped out some other animal organizations (spay and neuter programs and such). In the other organization we hold clothing drives for a pregnancy resource center and are planning on doing more volunteering at the center itself.

    I also like attending the local campus newman center (one of the school's catholic organizations) and they do some volunteering at the homeless shelter sometimes. And then a couple friends of mine and I have gone to help at the soup kitchen a few times too.

    And lastly there's the Humane Society adoption fairs which are also cool to volunteer at.

    Sometimes I wish I could be doing more for different organizations because it feels so good giving back. ^_^


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  • Iv'e done runs / bike rides / jumped out of planes / swims / mad hair cuts / bed push's and just about every other crazy thing you could possibly think of for local charitys / cancer and kids trusts over the last ten years.

    I love it and am still up for anything for a good cause. Body willing of course :-)


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  • Well I'm in the Key Club in my school, and we do things around those lines, so yeah. Although it's usually more, like, doing walks to raise money than actually going out and doing things like that. I still enjoy it though. :)

  • I'm looking at volunteering with the Connemara Conservancy, which helps to protect and conserve natural landscapes in the region.

    I just hate development...nature is so precious and we can't just let capitalism encroach on the beauty of the Earth. Plus as you know, I love horses, so I want to be able to have a place to ride! I don't want to be seeing concrete all the time.

  • I'm not part of my college's volunteer program, but I volunteer on my own at an animal shelter.


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