Should I avoid contacting my ex if I wanna get back together and if so for how long?

I sent her some really mean messages on Saturday night after I felt she ignored me when we were out!Then I was drunk again on Sunday night and said even worse things!I have a anger problem when I'm drunk but she ended things yesterday morning after 7 months and I text her last night apologizing and confessing my genuine guilt for what I said and I told her I loved and begged not to end things and she said she already forgave me for what I said and not to worry but she added that we have the arguments every few weeks which is probably true but we have such a nice time most of the time and I explained the relationships without arguments don't exist!she said she made her mind and I said OK and I haven't text her at all today and I temporarily deleted my facebook page!I want things back the way they were but I just don't know what to do!Anybody who went through a similar situation please help?

I forgot to mention I told her I would never contact her again as I felt it would be too hard stay friends!Basically I told her I'm gonna be applying the no contact rule!What this a wrong move to tell her instead of just doing it?


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  • i would wait a few days. let her think and figure out what she wants. in a couple days ask her somethin like "how are you?". don't push the subject. let her make a decision.


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