He broke up with me...so why is he giving me attitude?

My ex broke up with me about a month and a half ago and yes I still have feelings for him, but he says he doesn't have feelings for me anymore. But we wanted to remain good friends still. We were actually best friends before we went out.

Lately, it seems like he has been giving me attitude. If I enjoy my time out with our friends, he's upset and crossing his arms in the corner and just tells me "I'm tired" as a cover up. If I enjoy our nights out with friends at the bars and talk to another guy he sits there all quiet and is a kinda a jerk to me. I'm trying to be mature here and move along with my life since he broke up with me. So yes, I should be allowed to mingle with other guys. Its not like I do it right in front of his face either, he watches me.

So if he doesn't have feelings for me then why is he giving me attitude? What's his deal? He and I used to be sooooooo close...best friends! How can I make this better between us also?


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  • Give it or him time to come back around.


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