Does my ex boyfriend still like or want me? Is he really mad at me?

My ex and I met at his uncles house, and we connected very much. 2 weeks after dating, I kind of broke up with him, because my mom was acting crazy about me dating because boys will break your heart, but he was so devastated, we got back 2gether in about 2 days. After about 1 month of dating, I made a joke about having another boyfriend, but he thought I was serious,but took it to heart, and the phone calls began decreasing. So, I was confused and told my girlfriend to call his number if he will pick her call, and he did, so I knew something was wrong. He said something about he thought if we were dating, it will be just us. We made up. Going back out, he took my virginity but then his aunt that he lives with was also saying things about him focusing on school, to others, so we hang out just on Fridays, because he works double on weekends. He is 24, and I am 19, but we are Africans. School was taking a lot out of him, we both major in nursing, but his in the program, while am a freshman. We go to different colleges. Was it school, or something else, that was making him not to call me often, ut his uncle said he does not have experience in dating, so 2 days before Christmas, I got him his gift, and found out that he was home all day from his uncles wife, so I left him a message breaking up with him, and I cried a lot after, told him to come get his BD gift he gave me. The next morning, he calls & was asking what happened, but I said it's whatever, so he said it's whatever?, I said yes and he said he will call me to come get it. Came after work, but call to see if I still wanted him to come get it, I said yes. Went outside, he was mad at me, did not reach to take the gift, so I put it inside his trunk of the car, so leaving to go to my house, he said since you don't want my gift, I think you should take yours, and gave me mine. All I heard was a big shut of his car door, and he drove off really fast. I wanted to shut so bad, you don't call me often, and when you say you will, 2 weeks past, and you are mad? but we spoke after, at least he said he was not spreading time with me, but said he will call me back one of this days, and have not heard from him. But he asked the uncle how I was doing, and the uncle's wife says that after he has tried other girls, he will realize I was for him, and will come back. my aunt and friend say I was playing with his feelings also, but I think he was too with me. I realize that I am am in love with him, his my 1 boyfriend. someone said he has another girlfriend now, after 3 weeks of us going out, but don't know how true that is. Even if he does, isn't him projecting his feelings of being dumped. It took him 2 years to start "dating"/ not having sex, and those stuff again after his 1 girlfriend and him broke up, and I was the girl. I really want him back, but I will want us to just stay friends for a while, and ... What do you think? Does he still like me? I know I needed to be more spontaneous, and putting him a show, but when school started; time.

I recently dreamed of us back 2gether also, and I can't focus a lot from before, because I miss him.


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  • Sounds like a lot of drama between you two. He might still like you but the fact is with all the drama, some guys just get tired of it. I would be like "Fuck that girl I'm tired of all this drama bs" especially if I'm busy with other things like school/work and getting mixed in with all this other stuff. You gotta talk to him and fix this all out, you gotta tell him you want him back and see what he says if he still likes/wants to be with you than he'll talk with you and fix the problem and get back with you, just apologize to him for all the things you've put him through and try to get back into his heart. Good luck and hope you do get back with him.

    • Thnks, so elaborateon the drama. And I don't want to be the one who keeps going/calling him back, although I am the one who keeps breaking up with him.

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    • It wa daily before the 1 breakup, but after the 1 and 2, he became a bit distance, I thought, stress frm school and work, and his aunt ws prob. giving him difficulties too, just did not know. But he really liked me, prob. mad at me now.

    • Yeah he probably is mad but if he likes/loves you still than he'll get over it but you gotta step up.

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