Contacting the person who dumped you is basically pointless, right?

So basically, contacting my ex boyfriend would be pointless because if he wanted to be back with me he would attempt to do so, correct? I feel hopeless and pissed. But I'm not going to contact him since he obviously doesn't give a sh*t about me. I miss him and feel frustrated and things don't feel right without talking to him. But at the same time he's a jerk who doesn't deserve one more second of my time.


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  • Hes not worth it. Why are you feeling hopeless and pissed.

    There are plenty of other guys out there. You need to show the world that you're happy by yourself and independent. Most girls I know want to get back with their ex because they feel lonely and need someone to confort them during this stage.

    Go out, meet new people and have fun.

    I always say this to myself ...Don't spend time with someone who isn't willing to spend their time with you

    • We talked two weeks after the break up (it's been four weeks now) and he said that he still has feelings for me but he's so busy with school he doesn't have time for me and the stress of us always fighting over it was too much for him but he said I'm "too cool to not be in" his life and that he'd like us to get coffee soon and catch up so he can sort out his feelings in the mean time. So I feel like this is preventing me from moving on because he's given me a bit of hope.

    • But then a few days later I got really drunk and texted him all this sh*t saying I was hooking up with another guy and I hated it because it wasn't him and he told me to leave him alone and I haven't talked to him since. It's so messed up so now I have no idea what's going on...But I am not going to contact him.

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  • It depends how desperately you want answers to your feelings and questions. If you feel you must absolutely know, then heck, go for it. What you don't try to find out you'll never know right? Tell him how you feel and if he doesn't care or takes any interest in your feelings or talking about what happened, then at least you know your answer.

  • yea its going to be very tempting to contact an ex that you might still have feelings for but yes its pointless and yes if he wanted to talk to you then he would contact you. don't give in, stay strong and just try to keep yourself busy so you don't give into temptation. and like you said he probably isn't worth your time so don't bother.

    • It just sucks because they spend more than a year convincing you they love you and then they're like CYA.

    • ugh yea I know then they act like complete douches..but I know it sucks and it always takes a long time to get over someone you truly had feelings for but if they don't contact you then they are pretty much done so I think its just better to move on to a better guy. lol they come eventually :)

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