When do you move on?

There was this girl I had been talking to quite a bit on facebook and through texts. I would say at least a couple hours each day, which in retrospect was way too much and I have stopped that amount of contact.

I asked her out and she seemed really excited and after our date on which we had a great time I asked her out for a second date and again she enthusiastically accepted. However, through our discussions etc, we talked about where we were as a couple and even though I felt like we should be close to saying we were in an exclusive relationship she sees us as friends who get along extremely well.

I know she came out of a bad relationship but that was over a year ago. I'm not talking marriage here, just thought we would be in a more formal relationship with the positive signals she was giving etc.. I guess I just wonder when should I think about moving on, or should I wait? Do you think she is playing games?


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  • It doesn't sound to me like she's playing games.

    You guys went out on one date and discussed going out on another. You talk and text and get along well, but that doesn't mean you're dating.

    You said she came out of a bad relationship, so she is obviously going to be weary of getting into another one.

    Even though that relationship ended a year ago, there are issues remaining for her that are keeping her guard up.

    If you're really into this girl and you really like her then don't put too much pressure on her. If you come on too strong, you'll scare her away.

    Just be patient.

    She needs to feel safe and secure before she's going to feel good about being in a relationship with you.

    If it is made clear that you are not in an exclusive relationship then that's exactly how you should treat it.

    If you want to see other girls then you're free to. If you don't want to and only want to be with her then that's up to you but she doesn't "have" to be exclusive with you just because you've decided you don't want anyone else.

    As a girl who has come out of a terrible relationship myself, I can understand her hesitations to be in one.


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