My ex calls me when he is drunk?

i just don't know why...

he broke up with me...he told me not to call... he said it won't work out...

now when I am trying to move on (almost successful) he calls me . he sounds all drunk. and its not like he tells me that he loves me or anything...but he talks very nicely...and he asks me whether I am seeing someone. when I tell him that its not his business whether I am seeing someone..he says,"it doesn't matter to me..i was just curious so I asked"...

then he asked me whether I would meet him if he asked me to... I said I didn't know but may be yes.

i don't know...what's up with him?/? guys... why do you do such weird things?


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  • He calls you because your his comfort zone. I mean if he still really liked you don't you tihnk he would be with you rather then drunk calling you...? for example.. when I'm drunk I always call my ex, always not that I still like him or anything I just like to talk to him... his like my comfort guy... and I do ask him if he is dating someone else out of curiosity... nothing more. just stop talking to him... his basically using you to make himself feel better... don't pick up his calls anymore... because he has nothing good to say to you anymore...


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