Ex texted me? Was my response OK?

I was planning on going to a party that my ex will also be attending with her new boyfriend of 2 months. I already knew about him but she text me the following:

"I'm sure you probably don't care but I have been seeing (name) for the past couple of months and am going to be bringing him along. Hope it isn't weird?"

I text back simply: "your right I don't care" and she didn't reply. I do care but didn't want to to appear bothered. Was this reply ok? I don't know why she would text me this when I already knew about them?


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  • She was trying to be considerate of your feelings and you basically told her you don't care what she thinks or does, which probably hurt her. It would have been better to say something like "Thanks, but I will be OK/ Ya, that's just fine".

    • I know, I feel bad for saying that but I'd rather not speak to her tbh. I guess this was wrong way to go about it but It hurts and at least she probably won't text me again!

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  • Sounds like she was saying it to make you jealous. If she wasn't then why would she care to run it by you if she brings her new boyfriend? Your response made you sound somewhat offended, as if you still haven't forgiven her. I would have said, "It really doesn't matter to me. I don't think it would be weird." Make it sound like you're so over her that it doesn't bug you AT ALL. You sounded annoyed in your response. Good luck! :)


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  • Nah man,

    If that was word for word from the Texts, I only saw something negative in your response. Her text looked more like a "just so you know" rather than rubbing it in your face.

    Think about it. If she didn't text you that, you would have seen them both at the party anyway. Why would she need to try to p*ss you off via text in advance?

    The better response would have been. "No probs. See you there". Done. Level handed, and you seem to not care even less.

    But it's done. Don't apologize, don't even discuss it. Just leave it now.

    • yep I admit it was a knee jerk reaction. It just p**sed me off and I reacted impulsively. Hopefully it won't make it too awkward at the party. You don't think I should apologize if I see her at the party? She really isn't the bitchy type and I know the message wasn't intended to antagonise. I'm just hurting is all!

    • Apologise if you want to. But doing so is admitting that you actually do care and the simple text mattered more than you're admitting. Only you can guage the use of that.

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