Has your ex ever came out the BLUE?

and contacted you after a year or two...



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  • Yep, to try to be "friends", and I always say no.

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    • Im not a player, girls saw me as a nice dependable guy before. That's what I was doing wrong, but I stepped up my game since then and a lot has changed. Nice and dependable is considered boring and a doormat. I never was that, but girls saw me that way and that's all that mattered. It doesn't make sense chasing someone that doesn't want me, that's a waste of time. So I move on, and it confuses them. They figured I would always "be there" for them.

    • yeah it a waste of time chasing someone who doesn't want you

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  • My ex actually got in touch on saturday, askign to meet up on Thursday night... we've only been apart for 4 months, but it's been no contact and I'm surprised/nervous as to what is going to happen.

    So yeah, it happens, rarely...


What Girls Said 2

  • yup!

    telling me that he still loves me, and through time he realized that he loves me..

    well I already had a boyfriend during that time, and I don't love him anymore so I told him that, and he moved away,..

  • Yes, because he broke up with his girlfriend and probably was hoping I would comfort him. I hated him and he was just a sh*t person so I ignored all his attempts to contact me.


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