Tips on getting back with ex?

My and my girlfriend broke up after three years a few days ago.
It was mutual and no fighting or anything. We stopped oin good terms.
After the break up I felt I had things left unsaid. I thanked her for the good times, that I'm sorry it came to this, that's it's not all her fault (she thought it was) and that maybe in a while we might want to meet up and see how things are. I told her I love her and care about her and anytime she needs to talk she knows where to find me. I said I'll leave her alone now and speak soon. (We agreed to keep in touch)

She replied back the same night, thanking me and echoed that if I ever need to talk I know where she is. That who knows what the future holds, and thanked me for all the good times we had together.

I then replied to her thanking her for replying and reiterated she can contact anytime she needs.

She then replied thankyou for that.

I then left it overnight and in the morning text her back with no problem and left it at that.
Then the same morning she text me wishing me a good day.
I wasn't really expecting this, I just replied you too and speak soon.
I don't really want to carry on talking, as much as I would like I just feel she and me need space.
Would you read anything into her behaviour?
I want her back, but I don't want to straight up tell her that. I kind of wan t her to come to me abit.


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  • Be kind. Agree to the terms set between you two. If it was a good break and both of you feel that whatever made y'all break up in the first place pales in comparison to the benefits you provided each other, it will rekindle on it's own terms. Let the convo happen mutually. Unless she's being loud and obvious about her wanting to chat or still telling you about every day or coming to you first about important things - let that shit ride. Not to be too cliche, but if it'll happen it'll happen.

    • Thanks. It was a good break and to be honest I wasn't expecting her to reply to me wishing me a good day. From my point of view I definitely think the pros out way the cons. We just got bogged down, messaging too much and not seeing eachither enough. Although I asked numerous times to see her the last few months, a lot of the time she would be busy. I just hope us breaking will make her realise what we had was good.

  • She wants you back. Wait until she reaches out to you because she will trust me.

    • Really?
      The last message I sent was speak soon. After she wished me a good day.
      She has read it and not replied.

      When we broke up I said we may see things differently in months to come. She agreed and said yeah who knows what will be in a few months.

      Then when I sent my last letter telling her I love her and care for her, thanking her for the good times and saying maybe in a little while me may want to see how things are. That we need a break and I think we've lost our way.

      She replied thanking me and said who knows what will happen in the future.

      I don't know, for a while in the relationship I would be asking to do stuff and she would mostly say she couldn't but we did see eachither. She would also always ask what I have been doing if I went quiet for a while.
      I just dint know what to think.

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