Ex crawling back!? Oh Oh! What's going on with him?

My ex wow I talked so much about him and when I get over him, he just comes crawling back...hum what's up with that? He tried to apologize but without letting him know I know what he was thinking I knew the truth. Now he text me wanting me back? Yes I still do have feelings for him but I just think about what he did and it just make me hate him even more...Now he ask what he needs to change...are you kidding me? You want to change after all these lies? what's up with that what should I do? I got those text last night now I'm just so confused help!?


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  • How long did it take him to come crawling back?

    Make him sweat.

    • hum I broke up with him on december 29 2010 what do you mean make him sweat?

    • If you want him back don't take him back right away. Make him put effort in and show that he has changed and make him worry that you don't want him back.

    • hmm okaie well I'll try but I mean I don't know how too make him put the effort I don't know if he's capable of that but I mean I don't know if he will try to put the effort sometimes I just feel like he just do it because he is just in need I feel like he won't put the effort into it could that b it I don't know what kind of guy he is he has different faces

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