My ex had a go at me! Am I overreacting? Or am I right?

Read my story and judge for yourself. My friend and I liked the same girl (neither of us knew at the time) but I ended up hooking up with her. We were on/off for 3-4 months but broke up because I left for college. I didn't want to and told her how I felt but she didn't want a LDR so I thought fine and moved on. Two weeks later she is with my friend and they have been together since. Isn't this wrong? I haven't acted a jerk about it. I haven't spoken to either of them for 2 months but in the last month have been speaking to her again. I've been civil but kinda had enough of the chit chat and told her this:

"Listen what happened last year, happened. It's in the past and I wish you and him the best. I don't know what sort of friendship you expect us to have but I think maybe it's best we leave things be. It's weird and still bothers me and I'm not going to force friendship when it doesn't feel right".

She called me up and told me I should get over it, we weren't that serious and she didn't cheat or do anything when we were together so I should accept it and move on. But I have moved on. I don't hate either of them and do wish them the best but I don't see why that means I have to be friends. I've forgiven but not forgotten! Am I wrong for feeling this way? I just don't want either of them in my life anymore. How would other people feel about this situation?


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  • Nope, you're NOT wrong.

    There is absolutely no reason you need to be friends with this girl. If you had been friends for years before your fling with her and had a history, then sure, try to be friends.

    To me it sounds like she's lashing out because her feelings have been hurt. She probably thought that you'd still be totally into her and that you'd be upset about her being with your friend(which is a bullsh*t move on her part and his part in my opinion) but the fact that you're over it and have moved on just shows her how easy she was for you to get over.

    Don't try and coddle her or make her feel better. She'll get over it. She just has hurt pride right now so she needs to make it seem like you're the one being irrational and that you're the one who needs to "get over it" when in reality it's her.

    Classic case of projection.

    • /\ /\ I second this. She's just trying to get over with what happened between you and her by "getting back at you." just cut any connection between you and either one of them. He's not really your friend if he pulls that sh*t on you... Soo... Go find another girl that won't play high school games with you. You're a college guy now:) ha ha she needs to grow up.

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  • You can't blame your self on this issue..however it's entirely up to you if you still would want to be friends with either of them..the fact remains she might had a revenge thing by being with your friend because you left her and your friend took that as an opportunity to get his hands on would be best to get a hold of your self and focus on other important things look for someone else and try to ignore them for now..if she genuinely wants to stay friends she should give you a valid reason which my not be acceptable to some


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